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HOME  PHILOSOPHY  DESIGN  PRODUCTSLorenzo Martinelli, Co-Owner and Chief Design Officer
Livio Cucuzza, Shape Designer of The New Beta and Gamma

It’s hard to imagine how complex is the work of the loudspeakers’ designing. The functional aspects of proper sound reproduction have to melt with form concepts, representative of the Company vision. It’s a task to 360 degrees which requires two approaches seemingly at odds with each other, but instead complementary in a delicate balancing: rigor and creativity.

The DA VINCI has represented a major challenge : to combine stringent system requirements with a simple and essential shape, but that would bring in it the gene of daring peculiar of EMMESpeakers’ DNA. The result is exciting not only in performance - the best sound of EMMESpeakers, ever - but even in style: brilliant, sophisticated and at the same time reassuring. The DA VINCI is an element of discontinuity, able to establish itself immediately as an icon of class and beauty.

The EMMERack Smart design has been only apparently simpler. The evolution dell'EMMERack MKI has requested to revise completely the original structural concept in favor of a new one, more appropriate and effective in its function of support and damping. That has a name: the Smart Rack System, based on the W-Shape Module which encloses all the features dell'EMMERack Smart. The original shape of the shelf, always the result of our creativity and kept intact , complete with elegance the new brilliant product.

One more time style and technique meet in fashion&passion.

Designing a loudspeaker means conceiving the object not only as a correct reproducing of the sound message, with all that this implies in terms of technical and structural solutions, but also as an element in close communication with the environment surrounding it.

A designer is never simply called to address the aesthetic aspects, independently of the technical ones, as many believe, but must necessarily find the right balance, the fine line in the coexistence between form and function.
In the case of EMMESpeakers speakers, the challenge was to combine the designer’s studies on the influence of a tapered profile on the transducers' sound emissions with a shape coherent and dimensionally harmonic, in all three dimensions.
The “sandwich” technology employed in the construction of the cabinet implies working the wooden material using numerically controlled machines, which literally engrave each panel so as to define the exterior as well as interior profile.

This process, which ensures an enormous solidity of the cabinet, entails a careful identification of the front profile, which will be necessarily repeated for the entire depth of the cabinet.
A challenge in certain respects, but also a resource if worked out carefully at the design step.
As often occurs, also in the case of EMMESpeakers speakers, the simplification immediately seemed the correct strategy to pursue.
I preferred to focus not on technical lines, but rather on the quest for a single curve that identified the fundamental elements of the original shape conceived in the workshop.

The result is a “whole” object, whose tapered shape, narrower at the bottom and wider at the top, conveys a dynamic, yet stable image, also offering an extremely compact volume where the eye mostly perceives the dimension of the upper part of the cabinet.
The streamlined, minimal, fluid design becomes a distinctive, but never invasive, trait of an object of quality conceived for listening pleasure, but which also proudly
displays itself.